XI IOSTE Symposium

The International Organisation for Science and Technology Education was established during the cold war to promote contact and dialogue across political and ideological borders. A key concern was that education in science and technology (S&T) is a vital part of the general education of the peoples of all countries. The vision is that education in S&T should prepare the young to become informed, critical and active citizens.

IOSTE has a board with representation from all regions of the world, and convenes international as well as regional symposia. These symposia provides for scholarly exchange, discussion and other initiatives. The symposia gather researchers, policy makers, teachers and others who are concerned about how S&T can contribute to individual development as well as to sustainable global development and international understanding.

IOSTE is probably the only S&T education organisation that is truly international and not dominated by or located in any particular part of the world. The 10 IOSTE international Symposia up to now have been organised almost all parts of the world. Participation has been from about 100 different countries

There have been regional IOSTE conferences in the former Eastern part Europe, but this is the first time the international symposium is arranged in this part of the world. With IOSTE XI arranged in Poland, we expect an increased participation from this part of the world.

Since the origin in the cold war (1979), much has changed, but the need for international dialogue and mutual understanding seem to be more important than ever.

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