XI Symposium of International Science and Technology Education Organization „Science and Technology Education for a Diverse World – dilemmas needs and partnerships” was held in the jubilee year 25th anniversary of this organization activity. Maria Curie-Skłodowska University was its organizer. The number of participants was almost 150 including science teachers, researchers, teacher educators as well as the people responsible for educational policy from 40 countries. The plenary lectures were given by the invited world famous specialists in the Symposium theme. The Symposium program also included 96 oral presentations and 23 posters. Moreover, there were held 5 mini-symposia during which the subjects of science teaching improvement and possibility of international cooperation development in this respect were discussed. The Symposium program provided the opportunity for many informal meetings and discussions as well as for getting to know the beauty of region, richness and variety of Polish culture.

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