Accommodation and subsistence

The Symposium participants will have at their disposal either deluxe hotels or modern Students’ Hostels. Besides the meals included in the symposium fee (vegetarian and dietetic food is available), the participants will be able to buy others (evening meal) in the students’ canteen. Moreover there is a chain of small restaurants near the Campus or in the Old City about a 30-minute walk from the Conference Centre.

Deluxe Hotels

Special price have been negotiated in the hotels given below for the symposium participants. The room in the hotel must be booked by the end of June giving the additional information XI IOSTE SYMPOSIUM. Breakfast is included in the price. The hotel services must be paid by the hotel guests (cash or by credit card).

Caution: the exchange rate in the last months 1 euro = 4.0 - 4.5 zlotys

Lublinianka Hotel


Single room

Double room

Floor Executive:




Floor Economy


67 euro

82 euro

111 euro

56 euro



98 euro

133 euro

67 euro

Reservation online:

Mercure  Hotel

Prices depend on the duration of stay:


Single room

Double room

1-2 nights

3-5 nights

more than 5 nights

245 zlotys/a day and night

220 zlotys/a day and night

205 zlotys/a day and night

306 zlotys/a day and night

270 zlotys/a day and night

235 zlotys/a day and night

Reservation: (choose:  english version - our hotels - Mercure - Lublin)

Al. Rac³awickie St. 12
20-037 Lublin, Poland
phone: +4881 533 20 61
fax: +4881 533 30 21

Europa Hotel

Room type

XI Symposium Price

Single Room 230 zlotys
Double Room 290 zlotys
Double Room for one person 230 zlotys
Double room for three persons 340 zlotys

Contact person:

Reservation online:

Huzar Hotel

  Suite Single room Double room Triple room
standard lux standard lux
1 person 360 zlotys 152 zlotys 192 zlotys 152 zlotys 192 zlotys 152 zlotys
2 persons 372 zlotys - - 176 zlotys 216 zlotys 176 zlotys
3 persons 384 zlotys - -     192 zlotys

Direct contact: e-mail:;

Students' Hostels

Bed in the students' hostel and breakfast in the students' canteen (150-200 m far from the hostel)

Higher standard


Single Room 80 zlotys (~ 20 euro)
Double Room 50 zlotys (~ 12 euro)
Students' standard  
Single Room 50 zlotys (~ 12 euro)
Double Room 30 zlotys (~ 8 euro)

Number of rooms in the students' hostel is limited. The succession of applications is binding. The payment for accomodation can be sent earlier to the account of Symposium organizers in the same way as the registration fee or paid on arrival.

Contact: e-mail:

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