The IOSTE Symposia  

Symposium I. Science Education and the Future Program

Location: The Atlantic Institute of Education and the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dates: August 12-25,1979

Symposium II. The Technological Application and Social Relevance of the Science We Teach

Location: Trent Polytechnical University, Nottingham, England

Dates: July1982

Symposium III. Teaching the Interactions of Science, Technology and Society

Location: Brisbane College of Advanced Education, Brisbane, Australia

Dates: December 10-19,1984

Symposium IV. Science and Technology Education and the Quality of Life

Location: The Institute for Science Education (IPN), Kiel, Germany

Dates: August 4-12,1987

Symposium V. Science and Technology Education for Development

Location: Science Education Institute, Manila, Philippines

Dates: Scheduled for December11 20, 1989 but cancelled due to civil disturbance. (Nevertheless, the contributed papers were published.)

Symposium VI. Science and Technology Education: Responsible Change for the 21 st Century Program

Location: Palm Springs, California, USA

Dates: August 12-21, 1991

Symposium VII. Science and Technology Education in a Demanding Society

Location: Veldhoven, The Netheriands

Dates: August 23-31, 1994

Symposium VIII. Responsible Citizenship and Economic Development

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dates: August 17-23, 1996

Symposium IX. Science and Technology Education for Sustainable Development in Changing and Diverse Societies and Environments

Location: Durban, South Africa

Dates: June 26 July 2, 1999

Symposium X. Rethinking Science and Technology Education to meet the demands for future generations in a changing world  ( )

Location: Foz do Iguaςu, Brazil

Dates: July 28 August 2, 2002

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